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    أعلن مصدر مقرب من العائلة المالكة أن دوقة ساسكس ميغان ماركل قد تخلت عن كلبها المحبوب بوغارت لأنه لم يكن معجبا بزوجها الأمير هاري.

    ونقلت صحيفة "ذا صن" البريطانية عن المصدر، قوله: "أحبت ميغان هذا الكلب، ولكنها قررت تركه في كندا وعدم اصطحابه معها إلى بريطانيا بسبب العلاقة السيئة بين الكلب وزوجها هاري".

    وفقا للمصدر، فإن الكلب لم يكن يحب زوجها الأمير هاري، ولا يميل إليه، بل ينزعج منه، لذا اضطرت لإعطائه لأصدقائها للاعتناء به بدلا منها.

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    Hello! For a while now I have seen several people who are confused about Meghan's dogs. Some even say she is a bad person. Oh! I explain now. About Meghan's dogs. When Meghan lived in Canada and the United States, she had two dogs Boggart and Guy. Boggart was the oldest and for health reasons, when Meghan moved to London, he had to stay in Canada. One of Meghan's friends has it. That is, you know that like people when dogs reach an age it is not recommended that they travel by plane, as they could die. Many people and especially those from Megxit have said a thousand things about this. As for example, they are saying she is a hypocrite, because so much that she loves dogs and has a patronage in Mayhew and then she left her dog on Canada. Among other worse things. But, they forget that when a person reaches a certain age, they cannot travel. The health is compromised. In other way, the other one Guy, live with the Sussex. I don't know if you saw but the day before the wedding. When Queen Elizabeth went to Windsor, Guy traveled with her. You know that besides the horses, Queen loves dogs! Plus! Both were rescued. Now, after marrying, Harry and Meghan adopted another dog. It is not yet known who he is. But about two months ago when Harry was going to travel by helicopter from KP, the reporters saw a white dog with black spots playing with him and he rode with him in the helicopter. The photos The first is of the two dogs from and old Instagram post from Meghan. The brown is Boggart that if you can see he was already old, the other one is Guy. 1. In the other photo is one of a papparazzi when it was still a rumor that Meghan and Harry were dating. 2. You can see Guy when he was little. 3. In the last ones you can see Guy traveling with the Queen to Windsor. Oh! And of this I have no photo. But there are people who saw Meghan in the KP gardens walking the dogs. And the Daily Mail made a post mocking that she was now the dog walker. Stupid, I know. #DuchessOfSussex #MeghanMarkle #DuquesaDeSussex #DukeOfSussex #PrinceHarry #DuqueDeSussex #duquesdesussex #britishmonarchy #meghans #MeghansDog #meghanmarkledogs #Bogart #Guy

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    وأوضحت ماركل في إحدى مقابلاتها أن بوغارت كان أول كلب تبنته في حياتها، وفي وقت لاحق، تبنت كلبا آخر من فصيلة بيغل اسمته غاي حتى لا يشعر بوغارت بالملل.

    ومن جانبهم أكد أصدقاء الدوقة أنه قبل لقائها الأمير هاري، كانت ماركل تعتني بكلابها كأطفالها، وتسمح لها بالنوم في سريرها.

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